Land Mower From Husqvarna Has A Panther Like Ability To Impress Always

You might not need your community lawn mowner guy anymore (unless, you find yourself enjoying the deliciously sweaty looks of him), because you might want to do it yourself. One look at the Roomba-like robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna, and you will know exactly what we are talking about. Called the Panthera Leo, this concept is creating quite a buzz in home market.

It’s strongest feature matches the most popular streak in the world today — eco-awareness. Yes, the Panthera Leo has a make that does not harm nature. In fact, it is produced from all sorts of recycled materials and flaunts a zero-emission technology. Being a hybrid of two very popular mowers, Rider and Zero-Turn, Panthera is quite a beauty and is everything that you ever wanted in your land mower.

You can also say good bye to all the unecessary noise thanks to the five powerful electric motors that allow the deck to slide effortlessly without making even a chirp. The three individually suspended cutting decks let you mow smoothly even over the slightly bumpier areas. Then there is the stunning LCD display monitor that recommends speed and height to you, also displaying battery status, servic needs and warns about objects that are too close. The lithium-phosphate battery lasts two hours on a single charge. No word on the pricing.

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