Pfizer Wants To Get Rid Of Two Of It’s Private Jets

Now this piece of information left us in a tizzy. Apparently, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has decided to sell two of its luxury birds from Gulfstream for just $65 million. Now, we do not know if they are just trying to get rid of their extravagances in the times of the financial trouble or simply making way for new aircrafts. Even the company reps are not willing to shed a little light on than that.

Frankly if you ask us, the Gulfstream V and the Gulfstream 550 are both up for grabs at $29.25 million and $35.5 million respectively. We hear that the market price of both the aircrafts has come down crashing. Plus let’s not forget the matching paint jobs on both of them and the amazing flight experience they offer.

It’s a little unclear when the planes were put up for sale plus we are also not definite if the two planes are part of a package deal. Of all you know Pfizer chief Jeff Kindler might be in the mood to negotiate. It would have been a little helpful if he was a bit more open about the whole deal.


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