A Scaled Down Model Of Aston Martin DB9 Is No Less Than The Original

Miniature scale models seem to be the in thing today. We have one more bit of information that might get the attention of the collector in you. The Amalgam Fine Collection is out with a stunning new handcrafted scale model of the oh-so-deliciously-famous Aston Martin DB9. The designers have taken a lot of pain to merge the rather distinctive signature styles of the car with an equally intelligent and uncompromising design theory.

Let’s not forget that the DB9 is a sports car with a high performance and great levels of comfort all, topped with a large dollop of the ‘X’ factor. To our surprise, the scale version captures it all.

We definitely recommend this model for your living room if you are an Aston Martin enthusiast. You can be sure of owning a true replica at a price of $4,350. An attractive consolation for those who can’t afford to buy the actual wonder machine.



Via bornrich

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