Fly In A Palace If You Are A Saudi Prince With £300million To Spare

Owning a private plane is no big new, even in times of the global economic slowdown. But the same does not apply to getting a palace in mid-air for oneself. We are talking about Airbus 380 which features a dream like experience. A definite never-seen-before, this jet (perhaps, the largest in the world) took four years from design stage to completion. The Worcestershire-based firm Design Q is the one behind this dream come true super jet which has been created on special order for a Saudi prince.

The Airbus 380 has ample space to accommodate 600 passengers in its lap of luxury that features high-tech entertainment systems, a serene prayer room with computer controlled mats that always face Mecca, a relaxation zone in the plane’s belly, a Turkish bath as well as few walls and floors being converted into a giant screen to show the ground below.

And in case you wish to catch up with some work amidst all the play, you can do so in the boardroom which has its own iTouch, holographic screens and a conference room. Tailored to meet all the possible desires of pure luxury, the Airbus 380 comes for a mammoth price of £300million.

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