Woodway EcoMill: A Cool Eco-Friendly Treadmill

Jogging outdoors may perhaps be still better than using your treadmill in your gym. This way, you can be more eco-friendly about your exercise habits. However, it is not always possible to take to the park or the nearby roads to jog everyday as the outside temperature may either be too hot or too cold. Sometimes when it rains, it’s almost impossible to carry out your outdoor jogging.

EcoMill allows you to workout indoors and yet keeps things eco-friendly. As you run on the treadmill and burn calories, you simultaneously generate enough power to run the treadmill. The battery charges automatically while you are exercising and keeps the display up and running. This is done by utilizing Wood way’s near frictionless system.

This will work well both in your home gym and also for a commercial gym. This can be a good crowd puller especially those who are concerned about eco-friendly. The price tag comes somewhat heavy. EcoMill can be bought for $8,500 and is available in green and black colors. A lot of people would have bought it if the price was somewhat reasonable.

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