Mitsubishi Unveils Stylish Electric Car i-MiEV

If you were looking for the most eco friendly way to drive around, you should be considering Mitsubishis new hybrid car i-MiEV. It is actually an electric car and would prove to be a great competition to rivals like Honda and Toyota though it is priced much higher. It can be charged from a regular home socket of 200 volts and needs to be charged for 7 hours.

If you do so, it will run for about 160 kilometres and will cost $47,560. The price could be a major hurdle for many but they intend to decrease the price as it would be mass manufactured at a later stage. There isn’t much technical information available about the i-MiEV but it surely seems like a great idea if you can afford.

I especially like the design and sleek cuts. Such green vehicles manufactured by reputed companies like Mitsubishi would help the well heeled to stay green, as it has been proven that it is the rich who contribute more towards greenhouse effect.



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