Enjoy The Curves On Your TV Monitor Thanks To CRV43

Good news is that the long wait for the 43-inch CRV 43, the mogul of all monitors, is over. We first spotted the gorgeous pioneer of a new revolution in TV technology from NEC at CES last year. The curve concept was impressive, no doubt. And as the TV screen becomes a reality, so does its price tag which says $8,000 a piece.

Well, the money is huge but it sure isn’t getting wasted as the curved monitor has seamless display features achieved by sewing together four DLP monitors, especially for high-end gaming sessions. Thanks to the high tech CRVD-42DWX, the contrast ratio is as high as 10000:1 that goes completed by the double WXGA + 2880 x 900 panel. The response time is only of 0.02 seconds.

As you must have already guesses, the screen is wide but it also comes with DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 inputs. However, even if the price is a little on the higher side for you then NEC has something for you too. This slightly cheap TV screen at $6,000 is s 1360 x 768 WXGA native resolution, the brightness of which is 700cd/m2 while the contrast ratio is 3000:1.

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