An Exotic Indian Curry That Costs More Than $3,000

Price may have been cut at most eateries due the global financial hit but not everyone likes to follow herd. Take the posh London curry house Bombay Brasserie, for instance. The cooks here have concocted a spectacular culinary delight with a price, that both have enough ammunition to blow your mind away even individually. So, you can well imagine the lethal combination that apparently is being patronised by the Richie Richs of the society.

Called The Samundari Khazana aka Treasure from the seas, this one is tasteful mix of Beluga caviar, sea snails and a whole lobster topped with edible gold. The head chef, Prahlad Hegde, believes that there still are many people who are willing to shell out the extra buck to pamper their taste buds. We hear that Prahlad is the one to have created this expensive curry, which in turn is an inspiration from his mother’s kitchen.

The five shavings of truffle in the dish cost 90 while the edible gold comes for 1,000, making the dish accompanied y saffron rice and a glass champagne cost $3,281. The curry has been created to coincide with the DVD launch of Slumdog Millionaire, the Oscar winner this year.

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