Gumpert Apollo Key Is Both Exclusive And Expensive

Being exclusive is like celebrity status these days. And let’s be truthful, even owning a fancy high-end car won’t really assure your being unique amidst a crowd of similar peoples. But maybe things might change if you own this Eng-i-Creation called Gumpert Apollo key.

A personalized and foldable key, this one comes with its own remote control fitted within the key’s body. Silver and fine wood have been used together to create this unique object (trust us when we say not too many people are aware of this concept) while the Gumpert logo is embellished in gold and the lion-eagle part sits sexy against a blood red enamel base.

Skilled craftsmen handcraft these for $7,000 or more. For the uninitiated, the brand has made quite a name for itself in quality vehicle security systems. And now it has decided to explore other pastures and make a name for itself there too. Hey, we do realize the price is high but then everything comes at a cost — exclusivity included. Psst…Even high-tech ban vaults don’t have keys this expensive.

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  • Give value to the key… a good idea ! I have already seen that with Amosu, who put diamonds on Bentley and Lamborghini keys for 7000 pounds (8000 euros)

    Eng-i-Creation makes the difference by changing the shape and developping a new package arround the original key electronic

    As far as I know Gumpert ( has developped his Apollo on a Audi engine… so the new key, made by Eng-i-Creation, is really changing from the original one

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