Hitoma Portable Tea Room from Japan Brand Pop Up Shop

In this fast moving world, everybody needs a break to pamper oneself once in a while. One thing that attracts me the most at the moment is Hitoma. It is a gigantic portable tea room and it has the ability to transform any ordinary room into the perfect tea or meditation retreat. We often neglect to focus on medication as we are too occupied with our daily routines.

Hitoma is originally dispatched from the Japan Brand Pop Up Shop and is currently available at NYC’s Felissimo till 30 May 2009. Besides the latest fashion accessories, kitchen props and home decor, which come straight from Japan, Hitoma is the centre of attraction. Hitoma literally signifies a room that is used to promote a time and place for relaxation. It is built using Kishu timber. It is a high quality cedar from the city of Gobo.

It is known for its extraordinary grain patterns and long life span. The sliding doors are covered in bamboo paper display calligraphy. The floor is covered by tatami mats. This tea room is developed by the Gobo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is retailed for $18,000. This is not a bad deal considering the serene features it has.

Via: CoolHunting\Hitoma

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