VAT Fraudster’s House Up For Sale In Britain

Hear hear. The infamous Craig Johnson is in news all over again. No, he hasn’t revved up yet another phone VAT scam like the one that earned him £138 million and an entry among the biggest scams in British history. But his private estate and all his belongings are being put up for sale by the British government.

Apparently, the man liked to live a life of crime and luxury. His stately home has eight bedrooms. It is really a Grade II listed 17th century Meaford Hall in stone, Staffs, which is also famous as the birthplace of Admiral John Jervis, the patriot who confronted Napoleon. Giving a dose of history with the contemporary comforts, this building also houses a huge swimming pool, gym, spa and even a helicopter landing pad.

All of Johnson’s possessions will be up for sale a secret and exclusive auction on June 23. Other stuff for sale includes a whole fleet of luxury cars like Bentley Arnage, Ferrari 355, Range Rover and Ducati motorbike. Even the personalized number plates are creating quite a buzz. One number plate is even expected to raise at least £40,000. There are also two helicopters that Johnson used to fly around the estate. There are plenty of Rolex watches and diamond jewelry too.

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