Put Your Best Foot Forward With The Kama Sutra Cufflinks

Gentlemen like expensive things too. Making the most of this little fact, Swiss watchmaker Milus has created what we call the Kama Sutra Butterfly cufflinks. These stunning accessories mimic the winding motions of a self-winding movement. Frankly, the rotating rotors are winding nothing actually but the overall effect looks pretty cool.

Made in gorgeous 18K rose gold (yep, this gold can look good on men too), these cuffs are manufactured in a casting process developed along the lines of a watch movement. And that’s just another reason why these accessories look so unique.

Then, we liked the name Kama Sutra which is further impressed on our minds with the image of a couple making passionate love in a ‘butterfly’ position against a blue background. The engraving shows the careful time spent into creating this design. You can also spot the name of the brand along side an intricate red and black butterfly on the edges. At so much exquisite work and high quality, we don’t expect these to come cheap.

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