Gold Vending Machines To Be Installed In Germany, Austria & Switzerland

In all honesty, we were pleasantly surprised not by this item but its country of origin. We are referring to Gold Vending machines which ideally should have come from the Middle East like Dubai but it comes from Germany instead. As the name suggests, these machine are able enough to sell gold when the user puts in cash. Yes, no credit cards are entertained.


So far 500 of thee gold vending machines have been readied to be installed all across Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland. The idea was borne out of the popular demand these days making gold a safer investment. The company believes that soon most people across the world will keep 15% of their savings in gold.


We are still not very sure about the success of this venture but then, can we really predict the mind of the consumer. After al the luxury vending machine in a Miami hotel that sells a Bentley convertible became quite a rage.


Via goldvendingmachine


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