Dino Skull Up For Sale At National History Auction

We really can’t fathom the reason behind this rather unexpected occurrence — is it the recession or are people just going ga ga over owing fossils — but come June 1 and a dinosaur skull is going to be up for sale. Yes, the National History auction at Bohams will be featuring a whole range of fossil specimens that shall even include the rare Tyrannosaurid skull. This skull is one of the only four Alioramus skulls to have been discovered so far.

The estimated cost of this so-called tyrant lizard from the age of dinosaurs lies between $120,000- $140,000. A little bit of dope on the dino tells us that its species was found in the Nemegt Formation, Gobi Desert and Central Asia. Alioramus was slender than the infamous T-rex but with a higher tooth count.

The auction also features a Triceratops skull from the Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota which shall fetch anything between $100,000 and $125,000. Other highlights of the event include a large Jurassic Ichthyosaur specimen, an entire petrified wood tree, a very large mammoth tusk as well as a Titanothere skeleton.

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