Umbrella Children’s Hospital Project Deserves Encouragement

Rwanda is a country that has seen it all. It is at these luxurious places like our blog that we must understand that we have more to give than we admit. We spend so much on luxurious products, but pretend we do not have the money to donate to poor people in Africa. Vision Division architects have designed the Umbrella Children’s Hospital Project which looks like an upside down umbrella that collects rainwater.

It collects dew and rainwater which provide clean and safe drinking water. The roof or the umbrella is meant to finally act as a roof for all the modern technological changes that could occur in the hospital. Moreover, it runs on solar energy. The roof would reach its life cycle in about 5 stages or phases.


Each phase is about how the roof might be utilized. This design and architectural plan is well suited to African countries like Rwanda where water is so scarce, and hospitals are scarcer. This way, sunlight, and manual power would be used to build and run hospitals for children. Donating money for such a cause would be altruistic.


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