Cigar Humidors From Petrof Impress

Cigar lovers will definitely be aware of the secret holding a good smoke. Well, it’s not just amount quality alone. Proper storage is also a key factor. And that is just the reason why we are happy to introduce you to the luxury humidors created and developed by brand Petrof.

These luxury humidors have a cylindrical glass body which looks more or less like the sorapot teapot we told you about some time back. Now, this glass body is perfectly lined the wooden rear and front with a door. These wooden faces can be veneered to comply with your needs. The finishing is done in high resistant polyurethane varnishes with different degrees of gloss or dullness. A very unique design concept that can be customized too.

This varnish protects the wooden parts from humidity. Furthermore, the humidors carry a hygrometer and humidifier too. By the way, the door remains well sealed with an elastic sealing ring for a more stable inner climate. The humidor needs to be pre-moisturized before you can store cigars. Once the relative air humidity reaches 65%, the time is right. No word on pricing.

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