Zanzibar Is An Exotic Must-Have Billiards Table

Most lovers of pool across the world trust brand Brunswick Billiards when they have to buy a pool table or even game room furniture. Their latest offering goes by the name of Zanzibar table. It is exclusive, part of a limited edition and completely inter-continental in style. So far only 10 of these have been sent in for production.

One look at the table and you can make out the combined influence of European, Indian and African art forms. Plus the foundation of the table is pretty strong being a rich mix of international woods that includes European Mappa burl and rails of American Cherry. But the decoration offered hand-textured brass panels along the aprons and leg pedestals.

But we especially loved the African-inspired brass monkeys that hold the rail along each pocket. And if you are wondering where the table gets its name from, well, it’s inspired by a small island off East Africa in the Indian Ocean. The makers claim it to be a unique concept that was unlikely to be duplicated by any other brand. Paul Maitland-Smith is the guy behind this beauty. The price tag says $24,999.

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