New Age Kitchen set-up for New Age Cooking

Gone are the days when kitchen meant four walls that gave you hardly any breathing space, or let you interact with the rest of the family. This is the age of kitchenettes and open modular concepts. If you are the kind who likes to chat up with your family while cooking, there is kitchen furniture out there tailor made for you. Electrolux has adapted to the changes in kitchen behavior and brought us two special concepts: Rendez-vous interactive table and Volare, similar to Lounge Bar, a wall mounted appliance which brings that artistic touch to your kitchen.

rendez-vous-kitchen-tablerendez-vous-kitchen-table2Rendez-vous has an energy shield that brings appliances to life without you even having to plug them in! Place the blender on its surface and it starts working! Its modular drawers can hold stoves or refrigerator beneath the table, tucked away to make dining convenient.

volare-wall-kitchenvolare-wall-kitchen1volare-wall-kitchen2Volare which is somewhat like Lounge Bar is actually a kitchen itself, mounted on the wall. It suits space crunch situations. It has a modular system to allow customizing, foldable induction stove, can hold an ice-dispenser, tea/coffee unit and oven. Its exteriors come in many colours and painted finishes.

Via: Yanko Design


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