Grasso Unveils Ultra Luxurious Cellphones

If you thought recession had any effect on the way people spent, you actually might be wrong. Luxury houses are busy launching products that would turn spendthrifts’ faces red. Such is the condition with no one really bothering about global economic meltdown and all that.

Grasso, the luxury company have launched cellphones for girly girls. These phones are called the Lady Diamond Collection. The Lady Gold is bright red and in blue comes the Ultramarine. These phones are a gift to femininity and celebrated womanhood and the elegance of being a female.

The colours could have been slightly better and the phone comes covered in diamonds, titanium and 18 carat gold. Only 15 pieces would be sold and each would cost $6500. If you have the money, I am sure you would go get one of these phones for yourself. Do not think twice!

Via: Chip Chick

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