Diamond Phone from Watchmaker

One only needs an excuse to luxury. As if the limits of luxury for mobile phones have not already been crossed, TAG Heuer has come up with a diamond studded mobile phone. The latest Meridiist Diamant collection has two phones, one with 208 diamonds on its skin that sums up to 1.3 carats and the other, hold your breath, has as many as 1,232 diamonds that form 7.4 carats.

The second model being featured is touted as “imperial regalia of mobile phones’. The diamonds have meticulously been set in rows along the phone’s angled sides and the display screen.

On the camera shutter on the instrument’s rear side, a set of diamonds has been etched in TAG Heuer logo shape. Interestingly, the Swiss watchmaker firm is eyeing the women’s market to push these fancy pieces. It is another question how many women would venture out to pick up something as fancy as these models.

The phone features more than 430 mechanical components, many of which are from TAG Heuer chronographs. Meridiist phones have a non-scratch 60.5 carat sapphire crystal display, a stainless steel body and personalized digital engineering.

The mobile phones are priced between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000. Meriddist Diamant phones, true to their ultra-jewelled style, are presented in a glossy wooden jewellery box.

Via: Luxist


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