Marriage Bra for Those Who are Spinsters

They say marriages are made in heaven but we all know for too sure that there isn’t anything exciting about marriage or after marriage. However, many people still believe in the institution and what it does to a person and a family. Increasingly, people are not getting married and this could be because earlier they didn’t like getting married and suddenly find themselves wanting to get married.

Such people can choose to wear the Marriage Hunting Bra. The Marriage Hunting Bra was released as a concept by Triumph International as a gimmick and humorous exercise in order to reveal the problems of not finding the right partner and getting old.

The Bra reveals time left for a woman to marry and also comes with a stamp and pen handily so that she can sign and get registered if the right man comes by . This is something you can never buy, but at least may make you think about your single status.

Via: Pink Tentacle

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