Homemade Ariel Atom: Race Car to Floor Auto-Lovers

Talk about sports and race cars and their sky-high costs put you off mighty. But Ariel Atom will floor you with not just its race-bred construction and materials, but the true minimal sports care can derive those wows from auto-lovers and lovers of Do It Yourself jobs alike. Winterhalter, 57, the maker of this sports car had to spend a mere $ 8,000. The replica of Ariel Atom that he built is something you will want to grab, for a real two-seater Ariel Atom would start at $ 65,000 and touch as high as even $ 90,000, depending on the car’s horsepower.

The fact that he did not ever see an Ariel Atom makes the piece all the more special. Because he based his creation on photographs and read manufacturer data for the rest of the work. It cost him 1,900 man hours over 28 months. Of course it may not exactly look like the original Ariel Atom, but come to think of his patience and love for the machine! Winterhalter had earlier made Lotus 7 that cost him a mere $2,500 and was also featured in Car and Driver magazine for it.


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