David Beckham Presents Motorola Aura

Niels Bellaar from SocialMedia8 recently shared with us a couple of videos which reveal David Beckham unveiling the new ultra luxury Motorola Aura Phone. It was presented by the football star and has already created a buzz in the industry and luxury houses. The Aura comes with 62 carat sapphire crystals and since it has been handcrafted, it gives a more personal and humane touch.

The Aura is also inspired by luxury watches and is almost made to look similar to Swis watches that look chic and trendy. However, the phone does not compromise on quality and in my opinion is a must have for any high roller unless he or she does not really care much about the prospects of having a cool cell phone.

In my opinion there must be many more luxury phones like that and people would still be willing to buy even if the recession gets worse. Such is the power of luxury products in this world and everyone loves a bit of panache and chic within themselves and the products they choose. Motorola Aura is one such product!


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