Atomic Floyd Headphones for Uber Rich

If Bose, Sennheiser and Bang & Olufsen and others are your favorite brands, you would be expecting a very good quality of sound on your speakers when you buy them. Lucy Smith and others are working on a high spec headphones called Atomic Floyd. These headphones can match and rival any of the big names and start at £80 and go up to £350.

The in ear headphones are made of titanium and the 24 carat gold input jack makes it a very luxurious piece of gadget. The idea id to create a headphone package that would be luxurious right from the point of opening to experiencing. If only people would be able to get these headphones sooner, it would be totally awesome.


Moreover, people who can spend loads and have a highflying lifestyle would love these headphones as they are so luxurious. I would love to buy the when they are launched. I am sure the quality will be just as good as the headphones seem to be.

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