Hitler’s Car Is Up For Auction, Wonder Who Will Buy It

The man could probably be the most disliked person in the followed (closely followed by George Bush, many would think), but Hitler continues to make news, and may we say ‘sell’. After the much publicized auction of his globe and a film made about him (remember ‘Valkyrie’), it is his car that has got the attention of the world. A 1939 Fiat Torpedo is the talk of the global village for it was used by the King of Italy to drive Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and General Franco around Rome.

Up for auction at the International Auction House, this roadster is expected to close the deal at a whopping $377,000; we wonder who will buy it? Anyway, let’s talk about the car bit more. We hear, this one was introduced in 1938 to target the elite. Apparently, the car in reference was in personal use of the Prince of Pimento and Countess Calvi di Bergolo too in 1939 only to become the official car of King Vitto Emanuele II of Italy the next year.

With such a blue blooded history, the car has been celebrated at prestigious events like Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza.

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