Elite Finds of the Week

The Martin Jetpack: Spare 1.5 minutes to witness jetpack’s 30-mins flight at 60 mph to an altitude of 8,000 feet. Its limited edition production of 10 units year would cost $100,000 each.

Stereovision concept table: Its third dimension form is so attention grabbing that you imagining your coasters, bathtub, alarm clock and even TV remote to develop similar appeal. This innovative creation by John Nouanesing looks like an anaglyph image. Agreed, they demand a view from 2-color glasses to get the full upshot, but 3D is all the vehemence these days.

Samsung PC LCDs: Wow, the name says it all. Add a tinge of color to it and it is all yours. Samsung has unveiled their new range of LCDs for computer freaks that showcase well company’s Touch of Color design. Bring home any of these three models –P2070, P2370, P2370HD and enjoy the beauty.

Space colony design by Toronto student Shines at NASA contest: The well detailed visualization of a space settlement i.e. a spinning, cylindrical-shaped arrangement competent of accommodating 10,000 inhabitants emerged as the triumphant of yearly NASA competition.

GPS ‘Bait Bikes’ May Help Cops Find Stolen Bikes:� News came last week around 100 bicycles have been stolen on-campus, calculating a loss of $47,000 plus. To deal with the situation, Police plans to use untaken bikes as decoy, and affix the concealed GPS system to the casing. Once bike reaches wrong hands, it will instantaneously send signals to cops, who can then track its locality automatically and take him into custody. They say the cost of the GPS unit is $1,000 (including monthly monitoring fee).

Nokia 5900: Half thinner than 5800!

Electronic Chaos” Vinyl Wall Stickers: Designed by Julia Wolf and created by Diz Decor, “Electronic Chaos” exemplifies the relationship of energy flanked by all of your electronics.

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