Karim Rashid Designs Beds for Hollandia

Karim Rashid is a famous and well renowned designer who is sought after by many companies to design products and luxury goods. This time around, he has created 2 new luxury beds for Hollandia International. The NV Bed is a minimalist and stylish piece of furniture which comes with drawers and a headboard.

It also comes with a built in iPod dock station and cabinets. The other one is the Sphere, also designed by Karim Rashid and this brings a whole new experience into the arena of sleeping. It was unveiled in Moscow where it meant unprecedented appreciation. It comes with Hollandia sleep system, adjustability, soothing massage and other features.

Most importantly, it has a champagne holder, 32″ colour TV and a vanity mirror. I would love to buy any of the two beds and have a nice and sound sleep. If things have to get naughty, the beds are just as fun with their bright red colours, indicating intensity and passion.

Via: Globe and Mail

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