Boenicke Audio Unveils Formiable Speakers

Boenicke Audio has unveiled the W20SE speakers which supposedly provide an awesome neutral and natural sound. However, I would first like to know what neutral sound actually means. Does that mean it is as close to recording as possible without any distortions? If so, then great! These speakers are intended to be more like musical instruments and are made from Swiss Stone Pine or Spruce Fir Moon.

These two types of wood provide a more natural sonic experience. They are also quite similar to woofers and tweeters. The woofers measure 7.9 inch and they can reach down to 20Hz which is the lowest a human can perceive. The impedance is 3 ohms and the sensitivity is 95dB.

These speakers also need to be used within the right humidity conditions and cost about $40,000. If one is paying an amount like that, they better be good! If they are not, we shall soon see a number of criticisms against them.


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