BMW Planning on Secret Electric Vehicles

When we talk about BMW we mean elegance, style and immense power. This time around, they have an agenda, in fact a secret agenda to create 2,3, and 4 wheel i cars. These electric cars are designed in collaboration with the Bath University and they claim it is not ‘rubbish’.

One of the secret concept is called the ‘Clever Concept’. It is a three wheeler and hence you would not need to wear a clumsy old helmet. It is mostly an urban vehicle which can easily wade through city traffic and yet allow the user mobility and freedom.

BMW is also going to get in some hybrid fuel technology in order to make sure the electricity is generated in a sustainable way. These cars are going to be super economical and would emit zero emission. We can expect these awesome cars on the roads in about 5 years.

Via: I Motor Mag

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