Vena Enabled Health Devices for Better Patient to Doctor Connectivity

Lately there have been many gadgets which help patients to stay in touch with their doctors or medical health providers. However, they are either elaborate or require¬ some sort of technology that actually makes the patient immobile. The Vena enabled inhaler uses the Vena technology which is an attempt to reduce the gap between a patient and a doctor.

The technology makes use of¬ Infrared-based IEEE11073 and the Bluetooth Medical Device Profile. The idea is to connect patients and doctors through the very gadgets that are used for treatment. The inhaler, used by Asthma patients connects to an online database through a Smartphone or a computer wirelessly.

The doctor receives data about the condition of the patient and this helps the doctor to provide emergency care of the patient is not in such a condition. Unfortunately there is no information about when a person can the Vena enabled inhaler device. Perhaps it is in the best interest of all to wait for the device to be formally announced.


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