Sounds Dreamlike, but You Can Mind-Control this Wheelchair!

If you have ever been wheel-chaired by providence or by choice, you will know how useful a brain-controlled and mind-controlled wheelchair can be, almost dream-like. University of Zaragoza in Spain has developed a prototype of such a chair that could make lives a zillion times easier for wheelchair users.

Using a P300 neurophysiological protocol and automated navigation, this wheelchair requires an EEG cap to be worn on the user’s head.

A screen in front of him or her gives the user real-time visualization of the surroundings on the screen and concentrates on the space he wants to navigate to.

This is how it works: The EEG detects your location, transmits it to the automated navigation system, which then propels the chair to the right spot, avoiding any possible hurdles en route. After choosing the location, the user can relax while the chair does all its work.

Details of commercial availability of this wheelchair are not know, but it has got a favourable response from five participants who tested it for visual interface designs, virtual environment driving, and driving sessions with the wheelchair.

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