New Screwtop To Ease Champagne Opening

No more champagne accidents. No more `only male’ bastion for champagne bottle openings! Without losing that traditional `pop’ associated with opening the bottle for raising the toast.

The Cork, that eases the problem, is actually an aluminium lever fit to the bottle mouth instead of the normal cork that `pops’ when expertly handled by bar tenders and waiters. With the excessive skill required, this was largely out of the domain of women. Traditional champagne firm Duval-Leroy who are fitting the Maestro or cork to 2,000 bottles of their finest champagne are the ones testing this product.

The screwtop was designed by Alcan Packaging which initiated the screwtop for win. Maestro uses a plastic cover to grip the champagne bottle’s neck.

The attraction, is an aluminium lever that is hidden beneath the foil, which then lifts the cap and breaks the seal. Alcan’s commercial director Bruno de Saizieu said the firm wanted to retain the traditional `pop’ , in addition to making it women friendly. Sceptics do not rule out that the plastic seal may affect the champagne taste, and also not prevent bubbles from escaping bottles.

This cork was developed after three years of research.

Via: Daily Mail, Timesline

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