LEVEL Portable Ice Box Cooler for Fun Picnics

Byron Lee has designed an interesting LEVEL Portable Ice Box Cooler which would come to use when you are going out on a picnic. This chic and classy Ice Box is better than the traditional coolers we have been carrying around. The LEVEL cooler is very convenient and is not heavy to carry.

It comes with unique handles and an ergonomic design which makes it less stressful to carry the LEVEL around. Since the box is heavy at the bottom, there is no risk of it overturning and it would not spin around in a crazy way thanks to the unique handle bars. All you would need to drain melted ice is to just pull the bottom draining lid.

It leaves no mess and is extremely easy to clean. The LEVEL also comes with removable dividers which let you separate your food and also make it easy to balance and the food would not totter inside. This gadget can be the best gift to someone right now, as summer is fast approaching.

Via: Yanko Design


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