Grab this Ready-to-Roll Paul Smith Train Set

Open this brief case, and what you get to see is not boring files, folders and stationery, but a beautiful set of a train in a lovely summer landscape and pictured background. It’s a train set of great quality, including a locomotive with two carriages that are supplied alongside, although the colours of these carriages may vary.

The train set has this train with an elegant engine and carriages tunneling its way under a hill, moving along a little scenic village over a bridge and also past a countryside railway station. On the lid of the brief case is a scenery to match the setting.

Blumenau train set has an integrated nine volt battery holder and a throttle controller. While the Noch aluminium brief case is lockable and you get a set of keys with it too, the high throttle allows you to control the trains at scale speeds and it is very efficient. The train set also has a pre-installed adapter socket.

The train set’s dimensions are 50 x 37 x 12 cms and it is made of aluminium and polystyrene. It is meant for 14 year olds and children above that age. The $ 1500 set is touted to be a hit with children no doubt, but you could also carry it to work or school, hiding it away!

Via: Uber Review, Paul Smith, The Awesomer

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