Flying Saucer on Earth Gets Real: You Can Fly It!

Breaking new horizons in air travel has been the effort of many firms and individuals across the globe. But Entecho, an Australian firm, has designed, developed and proven, a flight technology that could well revolutionalise air travel.

It has made a flying vehicle that closely resembles a UFO, a flying saucer that was so much the part of mass imagination in the 70s and 80s, or that forms the current generation’s fascination of aerial traffic on roads. Called Hoverpod, it is Entecho’s recreational manned Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV). This air vehicle will not need expensively made runways or airport infrastructure. The vehicle could also be used for emergency rescue.

entecho-hoverpodThe vehicle is a prototype now. It is steered by downward airflow through a flexible covering or skirt or shell that allows for easy directional control. The difference between this one and a normal aircraft: its blades are not exposed, move slow, its flight is stable and mechanically speaking, this vehicle’s system is very simple. You can simply fly it with a joystick controller!

How it flies: Air is drawn into a ring of vents on the aircraft’s upperside, then forced downward through the motors, which spin inside the aircraft shell. The pressure resulting from this lifts the vehicle off the ground and propels it through winds.

A pull-release controlled flexible covering in the aircraft’s bottom helps direct air flow and can steer 360 degrees. Already dreaming of it?

Via: Gizmag, Orbeng

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