S-2 Family House: A Beautiful Conceptual House

Somebody rightly said, “Home sweet home.” The S-2 Family House, which is a conceptual proposal for a home in Namyslow, Poland, reminds me of this famous cliché. The designs and the architecture of the S-2 Family House is rather simple but yet very unconventional and sophisticated. Although, you may not find the similar designs of any contemporary modernist residential in it, you will still love its uniqueness.

The dominant color of the house is the dark charcoal color that is a huge contrast to its green and salubrious environment. Its design is predominantly masculine and monumental. While the overall design of the house is traditional, its execution however, is distinctly modern. Thus, in some ways the house is a beautiful blend of traditionalism and modernism.

The walls and the roof are blank and shingled planes, which are punctuated by windows on only one side.The S-2 Family House is very symbolic per se. The dark charcoal symbolizes the growth of urban industrialism. It’s a perfect blend of tradition and modernism. I wish I too had a house like S-2 Family House.





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