Paris Hilton Is Shopping And Partying For World Peace And Economy

When blond socialite Paris Hilton revealed that she would feature in an animated series on MTV as a superhero, everyone wondered if her superpower would be that of partying all night. The latest issue of Tatler will tell you her secret superpower.

In an interview for the Tatler, Paris revealed that her extravagant shopping trips were merely her way of helping the world economy. Apparently, Paris’ only desire in buying diamonds and heavily priced clothing and accessories is her most benevolent way of helping the world get over the recession. Paris spoke about the diamond studded pink Bentley that she spent diamonds on and the Dolce & Gabbana diamond studded dress. It seems the young hotel heiress can’t get enough of diamonds but how can anyone be spiteful when she’s only buying these things purely from the goodness of her heart?

Paris also insists she could bring world peace, like all the other beauties desire to, by throwing a huge party that would make everyone forget about war. She may be right; after all, who can think of war when they are doped up and spaced out at a Hilton party?!

Via: Showbizspy

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