Elite Finds of the Week

The Bamboo Bicycle: the bike by Ross Lovegrove is handcrafted in denmark using Brazillian bamboo specialist flavio deslandes.

Have a little interest in science fiction? Digg into the 10 things Science fiction has got right!

Recession leading to visible drop in chef salaries: While executive chef salaries witnessed a drop of 3.5% (from $77,611 to $74,869); chef/owners had to face bigger decline of 9.7% (from $94,288 to $85,179).

Need Massage: Now a vibrating plastic dog is at your service. Wait till 1 June and spare $15 to avail this service.

Ylight: Now tire changing will be a child’s play, courtesy designer André Monteiro

Chiller Bin: Designed by Philip Stankard for LG’s refrigerator, the storage compartment understands well the managerial habits of the users and offers enough storage for alcohol bottles in your freezer.

Drinkable Pee: Kudos to designer Leonardo Manavella for thinking to an extent where nature’s call can resolve your crisis. Yes, this prototype has a potential to turn urine into drinkable water.

Etiquette Checker: If bedding with your beloved is becoming scary cause of poor breath and also you doubt the intake of alcohol your darling has had then time to switch on Etiquette Checker from TopMan. It ranks your breath from good to bad (1-6) and alcohol level in 0.5 increments.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Panamericana Concept: Designed by engineer Arturo Alonso of Gullwing-America, this fiberglass model features a contemporary 5.5-litre Mercedes V8, producing around 370bhp.

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