Philippe Starck’s Haaa!!! and Hooo!!! Lamps Highly Over Rated

Philippe Starck has designed the Haaa!!! and Hooo!!! lamps which are as ridiculously priced as they are named. The Haaa!!! is a large floor lamp and the Hooo!!! is a small table lamp. Both the lamps come with white LED and hand made Bacarat crystal elements.

There will be a limited edition of 9 Haaa!!! lamps and 49 Hooo!!! lamps. Haaa!!! would cost $119,250 and Hooo!!! would cost $11,925. I think it is part of a larger joke these designers have come up with on the face of the consumers who are always ready to buy anything that is tagged in a very expensive manner.

Perhaps, the name itself would make people give the lamps a second or third look as the designer has cleverly understood consumer psychology. Yes of course, the lamps do look cool but they are too expensive. A stylish but lesser priced lamp would be a better option. I would instead save money for my next shopping trip in Monte Carlo.

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