CS3 Speakers – Affordable but Elegant

Emerald Physics have launched the cool and awesome CS3 loudspeakers. Though these speakers are not exactly expensive, they are seriously mind blowing and you can get to hear your music in the best form until now. They were launched at the AKfest on May 2nd and I am sure music buffs would be elated at the prospects of listening to music on such cool speakers.

It comes with a 2 way point source design and 12″ point source driver. The controlled directive technology helps the sound to emanate from the speakers in a unique way, so as to allow the listener experience amazing quality. You can choose among mahogany, cherry and maple finishes and they cost between $2,995 and $3,295.

I would say, these speakers are so cool that your neighbors would wonder from where all the tub thumping sounds are coming from.

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