1965 Shelby Being Auctioned off for £10 Million

1965 Shelby Cobra Coupe is a vintage car that deserves a great deal of attention. It is now expected to reach about £10 million pounds when it goes for auction as it is one of the six ever made. Vintage car enthusiasts have termed this car as the most exclusive race car in history.

It is also being called the American Jewel and can reach a top speed of 195 mph. It would be auctioned off in Indianapolis just prior to Indy 500 Race on May 15. The car is sleek and well designed and would attraction from all over the world because of its elegance and awe inspiring history.

What surprises me is the fact that people are still willing to spend millions of Pounds in spite of the recession and global meltdown. I guess the rich will only get richer and the poor will continue to get poorer. So long as the rich spend, the poor must benefit from the taxes paid right? So spend it!

Via: daily Mail

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