Vintage Trestle Table Reclaimed from 1850s Carriage House

If you have always wanted pine furniture, it is quite understandable. They say, pine wood always looks good when its aged and when its an antique piece of wood, it is almost heavenly in its appearance! Here is a Trestle Table which is made from beautiful antique heart pine. It has been reclaimed from beams and floor joists from a carriage house during the 1850s.

The house was located in Northern Virginia, if you are interested in the history behind this product. The table was built with hands and no machinery was involved and thus giving it its rough and rugged look. This could be used as a heirloom if you ask me.

The company can custom design furniture if you want something different than this! This Trestle Table costs $1297 and it is worth every penny. I would love to keep this in the living room or even in the garden on a sunny day.

Via: Barn Wood furniture

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