Vintage Lamp Made of Strange Leather

A snobbish life isn’t complete without buying a couple of antiques and showing your friends what an excitingly cultured person you are. you could choose to buy artifacts and antiques that are immensely expensive and also buy things that are family heirlooms. Here is one such heirloom which was handed out by the mother of the seller in the 1960s.

The mother herself got this lamp as an antique in the 1940s, which means it is quite an antique product itself. The lamp is either made out of camel or goat skin and since it is hand made, it lacks symmetry. The lamp is in working condition and lights up under the shade.

It comes with a switch and also has a pull chain at the base. At about $250, it is worth buying as it looks strangely similar to lamps found during excavations in the Middle East. But of course, that is only the similarity.

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