Kohler Flipside Showerhead for Those Who Crave a Change!

Sometimes, we want everything all at once. Well, it is not even a rare occurrence but usually we long for goods that have all the properties in them. For example, you may wish you could have a shower head that also becomes a hand held sprayer. Someone got similar thoughts and hence have manufactured the wonderful Kohler Flipside Showerhead.

The showerhead has the ability to give you a relaxing downpour, an invigorating and focused spray, a circular pattern spray and even the boring old shower that you always get. All these experiences could be derived from just one cool handheld showerhead.

It costs about $105 and comes with a chrome like finish. I would say the showerhead itself does not look too bad and the functionality of it all is just too amazing! Get this in your bathroom and I am sure you would want to visit your bathroom too many times for a shower.

Via: Uncrate

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