Jenna Ruth Designs Beautiful Murals

Murals have long adorned the walls of churches and palaces. In modern houses, nobody even thinks about decorating their walls with beautiful murals. Jenna Ruth has designed some really beautiful murals which would look good in a woman’s bedroom. The Cherry blossom Mural looks delicate and feminine, and sets the right mood in a woman’s room.

The murals have been carefully crafted and suggests a really peaceful demeanor of the user. In fact, colour combinations are known to alter moods. If you are interested in such Murals, you must perhaps contact Jenna and request her for one of the murals.

You could also try asking her if she could design something unique for your room, which is more relevant to the person you are and to suit your individual taste. Perhaps this would bring back the culture of having murals in modern houses.

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  • That is such a great idea!
    Instead of having just a plain painted mural – something you’d be tempted to touch and probably … smell!

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