It is a Lamp! No, It is a Speaker!

Andrew Haarsager has designed the Personal Party DeskSpeaker. The speaker comes in the form of an anglepoise lamp that not only glows but also blares out music from your iPod. You would no longer need to keep boring lamps with as you would now have the most groovy lamp in the world.

This groovy lamp speaker can be used to play music easily and conveniently. Moreover, the volume is controlled using the twisty thing at the top. You would not even need any extra electricity! Well, this is still a concept of course and when it is out in the market I am sure many people would line up to get one of these for themselves.


The anglepoise lamps are known for their flexibility of direction and focus. Now you can control the focus of the sound instead of light! Perhaps this is just an example of the theory which states that anglepoise lamps are the best.

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