Beautiful Hand Painted Armoire for Little Girls

There is nothing better than a celebratory and colorful armoire for your kids to store their goodies. Most often, children do not like the same old armoires and cupboards that every other child has. Just like you would want something unique, your child would desire something unique as well.It is in fact very important for you to make sure your child is special.

This spring blossoms hand painted armoire is dedicated to children and looks bright as summer. In fact this has specially been designed for little girls. It comes in many colors like bubblegum pink, watermelon, lemon sorbet and others. It has been hand painted without the assistance of any stencils.

The insides of the wardrobe are also painted and thus your little girl can proudly show her friends all her goodies. This armoire costs $1297 and is well worth being bought. This wardrobe is perfect for keeping toys, dolls, clothes, cds, and even gadgets.

Via: Mad Tea Party Furniture

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