A Chic Lamp that You Can Kick

If you ever wanted lamps that are easy to play with, you should check out these Kick It! lamps designed by Valentin Vodev from Austria. These lamps are soft and malleable and they do not heat up like other lamps.

They are very flexible and you could swing them any way you want. It also comes with a very flexible 230V electric socket and the standard lamp socket is just too cool. You could use this anywhere you want and if you are bored, you can swing it around your room to create strange patterns that would make your room glow.

Also, these lamps would never break and there is no way you can ever destroy them. There is no information about either the price or availability and you will perhaps have to contact the designer in order to know when you can use them. I would love to buy them, and I would wish the light also shone in other colours.

Via: Design Spotter

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