Tommaso Gecchelin Designs Stylish MacBook Touch

Tommaso Gecchelin has designed a conceptual MacBook Touch. He has designed for Apple and though it is not even a rumor yet, it would be interesting if his design were chosen by Apple to manufacture the MacBook Touch as designed by the designer.

He uses a hardcore technology called the iSpine and in this, the spine of the laptop would allow multiple viewing positions and you could switch from it being a normal laptop to a larger screen which allows you to project movies or presentations.


In order to keep the laptop minimal and small, all the ports have been externalized on a Magic Dock. It would keep the laptop cleat and tidy and also very small. It would also have flexible OLED technology and come with touch sensing technology as well. Just pray that this gets manufactured! I would love to have this stylish and sleek design which is also so flexible to be used.
Via: yanko Design

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