Technology Allows Users to Control Gadgets Through Eye movement

The EyeSeeCam is a robotic technology that allows the user’s vision to control robotic gadgets. It has been developed by the researchers at the University of Munich Hospital. This is a head mounted control interface which uses the wearers pupils and transmits data to servo actuators. By doing so, one could control mechanical devices such as video cameras, robots, and other gadgets.

It can be operated through WLAN and remote control. All you would need is a standard laptop and a 6 pin firewire port. The designers are planning to get this into the mainstream market as it could have far reaching commercial results.

In my opinion, it could be used easily as one can control gadgets just be staring at them! Though it is in the initial stages, the technology seems quite promising and it should be only a matter of time before cool gadgets are controlled by vision.


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